Update from the Directors

Dear Swimmers and members, the Directors are really sorry to report that we have been unsuccessful in securing the original 6 month license. Therefore the swim centre will no longer be operating from here.¬†We’d like to thank you all for your fantastic support and all of the emails you’ve sent to Greenhill Community Trust CIC.


We are a few regular sea swimmers who first met at Rod’s hut at Greenhill Beach Chalets a few years ago. Out of the kindness of his heart and a desire to help others enjoy sea swimming as much as he does Rod has allowed swimmers to gather, change at and dump their bags in his hut at 5.30 on Fridays and 9.30 on Sundays.

Rod’s Hut SC became a bit more formalised (not much more!) when Steve Petford, Patrick Cray and Jason West trained to do a three-man English Channel swim relay in July 2014 (which was successful, yay!).

Now Steve, Jason and Ice Miler Andrea are the directors of a community interest company called Weymouth Bay Sea Swimmers CIC created specifically to operate the secure sea swim facility that the council let us have a go at running for the local community and swimmers from further afield who fancy a dip or want to train in our beautiful and safe bay.

This project was originally posted on the #Weyforward Ideas League and is part of a growing community focused network.

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